How to Play

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The Basics

Create Your Team

  • When creating your team, you're given 100 Credits as a salary cap. Spend this budget on players to create your team.
  • Teams are created for one match at a time. You can choose any players from the match you selected.
  • Once you've selected six players while staying under your 100 credits salary cap, you can submit your team into the contest.

Enter Contests

  • Now, you can enter your team into a contest
  • Below is our variety of public contest types.
  • Contest Types:
  • Tournaments/Grand Leagues - Large field contests with huge prizes.
  • Head to Head - Face-off against one opponent; winner takes all.
  • Small Leagues - Compete against 2-9 opponents; pays prizes to either only first, or top three finishers depending on the league size.

Watch Live

  • Follow the action live on the GullyCricket iOS and Android mobile apps to see how your team is doing. Compare your lineup to others in the contest and watch as you accumulate points during the matches.

Check Results

  • If you've won and placed into a paying position in a contest, the amount you've won, as determined by the prize structure of that contest, will be credited to your GullyCricket account as soon as the contest ends.
  • You can use your winnings to play even more contests, or withdraw it. To learn more about deposits and withdraws, Click Here.
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